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For over 50 years, Calgon has been dedicated to creating uniquely exhilarating bath and body experiences that stimulate the senses, restore the spirit and take you on a special, fragrant journey to the place you want to be.

Calgon has always been about taking you away on your journey. But, along the way, it has taken quite a journey itself. To find out more about it, check out the timeline and trivia below.

Our History

Let the following timeline and trivia quiz take you away on a little journey through our history—in both business and pop culture.

1933 Calgon, Inc. puts Calgon water softener on the market in 1933. The water softener combines with calcium to reduce unwanted salts in water. It's name comes from CALcium GONe. Hence, Calgon.
1946 Calgon launches its first fragrant bath product.
1960s Calgon begins advertising its bath oil beads as an essential indulgent, luxurious experience. Here are some classic commercials from that period:
“Calgon Take Me Away” iconic TV and print advertising begins. Here are two of these iconic and beloved commercials:
1989 Reckitt Benckiser acquires Calgon and changes the “Calgon, take me away” tagline. (To find out what it was changed to, check out the trivia section.)
1995 Calgon is acquired by Coty Inc. “Take Me Away” advertising resumes.
1995 Calgon launches body wash—the first significant expansion from bath products into bath and body products.
1997 Calgon becomes the #1 brand in the specialty bath category and launches bubble baths, shower gels and body lotions.
1998 Brand launches website.
New advertising focuses on skin benefits. Calgon launches Silky Skin Shave Mousses and a new line of products targeting girls age 7-13 (For the name of this tween line of products, check out the trivia section.)
2003 Calgon adds new collections including Blossoms, Brazilian Beauty, Mmmmm and Get Juic’d.
2007 Ascendia Brands buys Calgon.
2009 Ilex acquires Calgon.
2013 2013 Calgon is acquired by Parfums De Coeur and the all new is launched.